Thursday, 2 September 2010

chapter 8 summary jenny holmes

Chapter 8 is about how Jim continues to survive on his own, and is therefore very descriptive and has no speech. Because Jim is unable to surrender he goes back to the Maxteds' appartment to sleep in his friends bed and ration himself on their food. He is deserted and alone and the only person he sees is the women living in the penthouse who he ignores when she knocks at the door. Jim fixes his bike so that he can revisit the city as it is too far to walk. When he revisits Shanghai he notices how it has changed since he was last there; there were now thousands of Japanese soldiers patrolling and the bodies of the dead Chinese lay at the sides of the streets. Many shops had closed and the lonliness Jim feels unsettles him. The road to Jim's father's office was shut off.
Jim goes back and still wants to surrender. He is kicked out of the Maxteds' appartment and finds another house whose food he can survive off of. All Jim finds in the house he chooses is some condensed milk.

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